05 January 2013

Triple W bisnisgoonline.co.id for Indonesian SME

Feeling so long I never give update writing on this blog, I don't know why, whether I am busy-ass or I got really busy. In this chance I am going to tell you about my recent activity that I did few days ago. Me and my blogger community in my city TMalang, a small city in the archipelago state Indonesia held event to scale up Small Medium Enterprise (SME) to reach internet, hopefully they can grow and enlarge their business beyond borders.

The event itself is fully supported by Google.co.id and Pandi.or.id in which they created platform www.bisnisgoonline.co.id, a platform that specially designed for Small Medium Enterprise which is inside fully supported by such online store features as usual, because this is specially designed for SME in Indonesia so the domain is trailed by dotID.

The event is rolled out by five times ranging from 8, 9, 15 and 16 desember 2012 which the last day is two days merged into a day. In the couple of first day we have difficulity in finding particpants because of the socialization term is very sort due to the tight deadline. Yet, we still kept spirit in spite of the number of participants did not meet quotas. Time goes by, we did it well where took place in the laboratorium of computer of STIKI, one of the institue technology in Malang city.

In that first two days, we trained arround 30 participants. Tell the truth it is very worst that we have done because average participants are not full enthusiastic. There, we find participant who is very uninteresting against this event, they just sat down, turned the personal computer on and playing around in social media without taking attention on the speaker and even worse, there was participant walked out from the program yet finished, We are as commitee are very cranky while we provided this event is purely free, they got snack, lunch, sertificate and even free domain and hosting for a year.

In the second two days, the event moved into STIMATA, a small institute technology that based in Malang city as well. In this second term, we were very cheerful because the event is getting more succes due to the partisipant are getting crowd out of our estimates, thanks to the local commettee for their full support. At the time the program was running very well due to the cooperation of all committees, so no wonder we can attracted more than 40 participants out of our estimates 35, thanks to the local commitee for their alacrity.
That's all what i can share in my recent activity in doing charity program which is fully supported by google.co.id and pandi.or.id and of course the local commitee for providing place STIKI and STIMATA and unforgetable thanks to all members of blogger community of Malang city "Blogger Ngalam" for already supported this event.

(tulisan di kopas dari http://www.jurnalfuad.my.id/2012/12/triple-w-bisnisgoonlinecoid-for.html dan sudah izin)

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